Bonn’s Makeda edged out in Song For Israel Contest

In the end, only four points after the final telephone jury vote count separated Bonn’s Makeda from the winning duo S!sters at this year’s competition to select Germany’s Song for Europe: Unser Song für Israel in Berlin.

A new approach to finding the Eurovision entry led to a familiar conclusion – formulaic packaging wins over song again.   Let’s take a young blonde girl and a young raven haired girl, make them seem like sisters,  and call the song – ‘Sisters!’  Oh wait, let’s turn that ‘i’ upside down!  Oddly, even the Bonn General Anzeiger in its Review refers to the girls as ‘Carlotta Truman und Laurita’ – conveniently(?) forgetting that Laurita has a different surname (though admittedly it does mention they are not sisters later on).  In fact, they were not even a duo until Eurovision came along.  In the end, the old formula approach won through.  

It’s all a game really of course, and Makeda is well out of it.  There are indeed some who will say that where Eurovision is concerned second place is actually winning – gaining the publicity, without that’ Eurovision’ brand hanging over your head.   It was certainly a grand performance from Bonn’s rising star though.  All those performances in the musical ‘Bodyguard’ paying off with a confident performance when it mattered.  ‘The Day I Loved You Most’ is an excellent song but one that needs both a great vocal and plenty of dynamics to give it life.  It got both on the night.  I really couldn’t help but see and hear Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) as I watched Makeda in her shimmering gold dress give her all.  Somewhere, just out of camera-shot, Kevin Costner must have been standing and watching the proceedings with an attentive eye and a bad haircut.

Well done Makeda, on the evidence of Friday night you will be going a lot further than Tel Aviv with your career.







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