Goodbye Dennis and Marvin

March 2016 with Bromo at FCB

On the back of Letlowe’s break-up recently, it was sad to hear that Dennis and Marvin Ledermann (aka Bromo aka Brother Movement) have also decided to call it a day musically, at least for the time being.  I still have fond memories of a nervous Dennis Ledermann way back in February 2016 presenting a couple of songs alone before being joined in March by brother Marvin for the dynamic duo’s first appearance.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Catching early appearances at Toys 2Masters I didn’t think the duo would have a chance against the rockers and rollers (including eventual winners Letlowe, then known as Millennia).  How wrong I was (and how pleased to be wrong!)

Good luck with the future guys – and hope to see/hear you again before too long.

Here is the announcement as made by Dennis and Marvin on Facebook:

“To all the kind people who support and follow us:

We have something important to tell you.

This photo was taken at our first joint appearance almost three years ago at the Folk Club. Since then a lot has happened. We’ve played over 100 gigs, been able to prove ourselves in numerous competitions, present our music on the radio and on television, and finally fulfill our dream of our first CD. We met incredible people during this time and never expected so much support from all sides. You have helped us in all our plans and projects, and have kept us motivated to continue.

For this great time and for the support we would like to thank you.  We would like to inform you openly and honestly about our decision:

We (Dennis and Marvin) have decided to take a musical break indefinitely.   This means we will not play any more in the near future and will not be active on our social media channels. Nothing has changed in our love of music and will probably never change. However, we think that now is the right time to withdraw and reinvent ourselves.

Dennis making a solo appearance in February 2016

We cannot say yet exactly what our project will look like in the future – and when we will make music again.  In the meantime though we both wish you all the best for your futures, and thank you for the great times.  We had three amazing years with you!


Bromo at the Toys 2Masters Final 2016

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