Rory’s Band of Friends at the Harmonie

“At rehearsals I thought ‘Well, I’m getting the hang of this, it’s hard work’. But when we went onstage, the energy level just went up and up. The pressure, you know, it was amazing!” – Ted McKenna remembers playing with Rory Gallagher.

On 4th October Band of Friends will be at the Harmonie, once again reminding us how great the music of Rory Gallagher was, and indeed still is.  Rory himself died in 1995 so this is as close as you will get now to his sound in a live setting.  Bassist Gerry McAvoy was with Rory throughout most of his solo career, and drummer Ted McKenna joined the band from working with the legendary Alex Harvey.

In 2013 I spoke to McAvoy and McKenna, together with guitarist Marcel Scherpenzeel before the show in Bonn.  It was meant to be just with Gerry, but Ted and Marcel joined in for what became a fascinating insight into working with Rory and his legacy.  For those who missed it – the Interview is HERE

Tickets are available at all the usual outlets – including Mr Music of course!

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