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Summer is here, and that means getting out and enjoying the garden. What? you don’t have a garden? No problem – this garden is open to everyone and no digging required.
Stadtgarten 2018 looks to be a veritable flower garden of musical styles down by the Alten Zoll.

The first good news to take away from this year’s press conference in the office of Councilor for Culture & Sport Martin Schumacher at the Civic Offices was that the new listed status of the Alten Zoll will not make it off-limits as a live entertainment venue. Important here was that any events do not detract from the area’s appearance. In fact, such events can make it even more appealing with a picnic on the grass atmosphere, as my photo silhouetting the Beethoven statue nearby shows.

In figures the Season will feature 26 bands over 10 evenings and 5 weekends (Friday/Saturday) but, as they say, the Devil is in the detail, so let’s jump in for a closer look.

Cynthia Nickschas at Stadtgarten in 2015

Having brought past Seasons to a close in style it will be the job of Cynthia Nikschas to open this year’s Season on August 3rd. Cynthia still has the street cred of her days as a musician in Bonn City Centre but her reputation means that she is more often to be seen on a stage in recent years, and her new disc ‘Egoschwein’ will tell you why. Also on the opening bill will be ‘Fergessen’ with French Electric-Folk-Blues. The first Saturday (4 August) will be given to Jazz fans Prior to JazzTube kicking off again in 2018 and begins with Koj and Electronic Indie Rock. JazzTube aims to offer successful bands a step up the concert ladder as shown by the second band of the evening ‘Radius’ who appeared on the Tube last year with their eclectic mix from John Scofield to Jimi Hendrix.

The Stadtgarten shows have a new partner in Jürgen from Rock Time Productions. The positive result for metal fans is 10 August’s show with Hornado and 80’s style metal. Local Rockers Gun Barrel will also be on the bill following personnel shake-ups. The nucleus of Rolf Tanzius and Tomcat Kindtgen should ensure the songs remain the same though.

Make a block capitals note to be in Bonn on 11 August. Stadtmusik 2018 will see stages throughout Bonn Centre. Friedensplatz (including David Nevory), Bottlerplatz, and Markt. At the Stadtgarten itself, Musiknetzwerk Bonn is on hand to present Attic, the irrepressible red-headed Ledermann’s with Brother Movement and Toys2Masters winners Elia. Maastricht Rockers The Ride will make sure everyone is suitably exhausted after a busy evening ‘relaxing’ by the Rhine…

Astatine with Ler.che (copyright Band)

The next Friday (17th Aug)) is World Music time with jazz from JMO, a trio from Switzerland, Israel and Senegal followed by the ever-popular Astatine who will be introducing songs close to her heart from the Rumanian Jazz World with the Jazz quartet Ler.che. Special guest will be WDR Jazz Prizewinner from 2015 Nicolas Simion. Saturday will be a special one for Blues and Americana Fans; beginning with singer-songwriter Dickie Lee Erwin from Austin Texas, continuing with Boston Blues Rock with Jay Ottaway and his Band. A Blues night without Bill Baum? Not likely – The Bluesbenders will finish the evening in grand high energy style for certain.

Jay Ottoway & Band (Copyright Band)

The following week (24/25 August) offers a glimpse of the many and varied musical forms happening in Bonn. You might have caught Meoneo alias Werner Krotz-Vogel and Claudia Huismann braving the rain at last year’s Stadtmusik day. Hopefully the weather will be better for the duo who have frequent visitors to Bonn Folk Club in the past. Bonnindo will be offering Indonesian-African Dangdut which you will have to see if you don’t know it, before another popular Bonn Duo finish the evening. It’s always a privelege to hear Marion’s vocals (reminiscent of Zaz) and marvel at the guitar playing of Sobo. Marion and Sobo – a reminder of the quality we often take for granted in local musicians. A new CD will be previewed too. Don’t miss!

Marion & Sobo

Saturday (25 Aug) is time for a Soul & Funk Fest with Bonn Band Roughix followed by The Buttshakers who I remember going down a storm at the Rockpalast in Bonn Harmonie not so long ago.

The Buttshakers shake up Bonn Harmonie in 2015 by Rockpalast

The following Friday (31 August) is time for Popcamp with 22 year old singer-songwriter Clara Clasen and power pop from Bremen with Lenna. Finally, Garage Pop out of Münster from Soeckers tops off what should be a busy evening of great young talent.

All too soon we’re at the last show.  September 1st and Next Generation Concerts in cooperation with the Harmonie in Bonn. Brit-Folk-Pop with Gentree, Heavy Metal with Cologne Rockers Galactic Superlords and Krautrock legends Electric Sandwich who first toured in 1967 so they certainly have staying power.

And that’s your lot! Sounds pretty good to me. Come rain or come shine bring the picnic basket, buy a cool beer and enjoy a Summer of music free and in the open air (Um sonst & Draussen). Thanks go to the sponsors old and new, in particular Hotel Königshof for the catering and rooms for visiting musicians, Institut Francais, Pop Camp, JazzTube, Rock Times… the list is a long one and shows what can be achieved despite a low budget of only 40,000 Euros when people who love presenting music get together.

To download the brochure for this year’s concert click on this link: Stadtgartenkonzerte 2018

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