The Consequence of Murder – Richard Limbert

Longtime visitors to Bonn Folk Club may well remember a fresh-faced innocent named Richard Limbert doing ‘walkabouts’ around the room with his Guild acoustic singing songs from, and inspired by, the likes of Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk.

Have no fear, despite the picture,  Richard hasn’t gone off the rails.  Actually, he’s doing very well musically.  2018 finds him toting a Gibson and making music in Leipzig where he moved to study some time ago.  He’s just released a new set of songs on Bandcamp and the ‘mug-shot’ picture is to go with the collection’s title ‘The Consequence of Murder’.

A fresh faced Richard in Bonn (2012)

There’s some interesting stuff on here too, from opener  ‘The Folk is Coming‘ (with a riff reminiscent of Ian Hunter’s ‘Once Bitten…’) to the Lennonesque keyboard musings of ‘North Italian Mystery’.  A quirky collection as ever from Richard, but well written, well produced and well played.

You can download the tracks HERE  – and maybe pay Richard’s bail money along the way…

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