Folk Club 92 on Friday

Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland

The first Friday of every month = Folk Club Bonn.  This year, the first Friday of June is also the first Day of June – so get down to Dotty’s for Folk Club #92 on 1 June for a celebration of New Orleans, a mystery Birthday, and great music from Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland.  The duo’s last appearance here was at Basecamp in 2015 would you believe.  High time for a return and the prospect of some great Irish folk music!

2 thoughts on “Folk Club 92 on Friday

  1. My recollection of the Basecamp show is of several rows of chairs with an audience visibly ‘leaning-forward’ towards the stage to hear Fil and Tom.
    Fortunately the rows were long ones!
    I believe they have a new CD out too – so everyone visiting – bring some spare cash 😉

  2. Thanks for that John. On the one and only evening that Folk Club Bonn convened in Basecamp Steve Perry and I thought we had checked the unusual and sometimes astounding acoustics of Basecamp thoroughly beforehand. We tried several string instruments and we sang a cappella from various areas of the hall and we were both pleasantly surprised by the positive results of all the acoustic sound checks. All the staff at Basecamp were wonderful and friendly and helpful, we were good to go.

    Anybody who has ever experienced the beginning of a Folk Club Bonn evening will know that I invoke a few more feelings and a few more decibels on an actual night than anyone else in a more “normal” folk club.

    Suffice to say after I called “Ladies and Gentlemen” in my best night watchman and town crier voice the words “Ladies and Gentlemen” reverberated back to me not once, not twice, but thrice.

    Since then, I have always felt beholden to Fil Campbell and Tim McFarland for not having tested the acoustics of the venue more correctly. Despite the acoustics, they played an astounding set, didn’t miss a beat, and completely enthralled everybody present with their wonderful performance.

    Tonight they will be playing hardly a stone’s throw away from Basecamp at the Tennis and Hockey club just across the road, with much better acoustics. I did put up some Flyers for FCB in Basecamp recently and hopefully, some of the guests there, in this beautiful surreal almost zany hotel, will read them and venture across the street. If one spends the night in Basecamp Bonn on the first Friday of the month then a night such as this at Folk Club Bonn should be your ultimate recreational goal.



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