Turica Doncel recording in Kessenich

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Certainly the smallest place I’ve listened to live music in, but that’s not too surprising as Blue in Green is actually a studio tucked quietly away in Kessenich. Quiet except for the musicians who stop by to put down some music. On Friday that was an enchanting duo from Argentina – Ana Paula Turica and German Doncel.

The duo plays traditional Argentinian Folklore music that enchants through it’s seeming simplicity. No big instrumental set-up here. The bass and rhythm are both covered admirably by a ‘Bomba Legüera’ that singer Ana Paula has tucked her feet around. It’s quite an imposing instrument with a thick, rootsy sound. Not surprising since it is actually a drum created from a hollowed out tree trunk.

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In contrast, the guitar playing of German Doncel has a light sublime resonance that almost floats through the air, as do the vocals of both performers.


Hearing the music being recorded on a Friday evening I can also say that Friday evenings will be a perfect time to play the music back on. Soulfood after a hard week’s work.

The duo have made two CD’s in their five years together and stopped off in Bonn after a tour of France en route to Switzerland as part of a three-month European tour. If you have the chance to catch them along the way I heartily recommend you take it. The duo will be at Tango8 in cologne on 13 June.  If you’re looking for a small recording studio I heartily recommend Blue in Green too.


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