Return of Mr Music!


He’s back!  Bernie Gelhausen is re-opening Bonn’s best Record/CD Shop on Saturday (3 March).  At 11.11am in Münsterstrasse.

3songs had a sneak preview inside the new Mr Music store and it certainly has cult status written all over it.  True, it’s a smaller place than the shop that Gelhausen ran for 25 years in Maximillianstrasse but there will be plenty of vinyl for the old-school collectors, alongside a good selection of CD’s.

Old time feeling. Remember the joy of flicking through vinyl LP’s?

In keeping with the local appeal the new Mr Music will be limiting it’s concert ticket sales to local events and the opening times, at least initially, will be shorter: 2pm to 7pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 4pm on Saturdays.

It goes without saying (but I will anyway!) that stores like this rely on people supporting them – so please, before you press that ‘Order’ button on Amazon, drop by at Mr Music and see if they have it/can get it first.  There will be a friendly smile and good advice from the staff for sure.  When did you last get that from a website?

For German speakers, an introduction to Mr Music can be found HERE courtesy of WDR German Television.





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