Happy Christmas 3songsbonn followers

Many thanks dear faithful readers for coming to my site in 2017.  I hope you enjoyed reading about the great music from this area of the world.  Seeing what was written about shows you saw and even seeing what you missed about shows that you didn’t see (don’t worry about the latter – there really is so much good music here that you can’t catch it all).  On that subject, sorry if your favourite show or your band’s show didn’t get a mention.  It wasn’t personal, good reporters/photographers are hard to find on a budget of zero!

What better way to wish all readers of 3 songs Bonn a Merry Christmas than with a video of a song from Bonn?
Here’s local Blues Matador Bill Baum and his Bluesbenders with some Christmas cheer of a Bluesy kind.
Merry Christmas readers – one and all!


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