Mary Poppins Takes The Tube

The Bonn tube stations had a rather unusual visitor on Friday when Mary & the Poppins stopped by to play a few songs at Museumsmile.  Actually, her large and happy band seemed to suggest another of Julie Andrews famously portrayed characters the hill climbing Maria Von Trapp from Sound of Music.  No name droppimg at Hauptbahnhof, just good laid back Jazz saxaphone from Yaroslav Likhachev’s band.  Down at Uni/Markt Alexander Sobocinski’s latest project Porteno Global were laying down some mean tango rhythms.    You might have guessed it, JazzTube was back for round two.

I’ve said it every year, and this year is no different: Does riesling taste better than darjeeling?  You can like one as much as the other – other than being drinks there is not much to compare.  The same is true of this evening’s jazz offerings.  I’m a sucker for a warm and mellow saxophone sound so straight away the Yaroslav Likhachev Quartett is the place to stay for all three sets and a firm vote.  Simple as that.  Except I also rather like a guitar well played…

three-quarters of the Yaroslav Likhachev Quartett

It’s only a minute down the line and I’m in time to catch one of my favourite local guitarists at Uni/Markt.  Actually Alexander Sobosinski (Sobo) can play pretty well any guitar style with a seeming ease that makes me want to burn my guild acoustic Hendrix style.  His latest project Porteno Global sounds pretty rocky too which can’t be bad.  I’m already familiar with Stefan Rey’s excellent contra-bass rhythms and I discover a rather dapper looking gent with hat and coat  on piano.  Yoshinau Mikami is the Japanese gentleman’s name and he plays with a flourish and a smile – both of which are irrestible when it comes to applause.  I’m thinking that this would be a great place to stay for the rest of the evening, especially since there are so many people arriving and staying that feet may have to be trodden on if I want to catch the next tube to Museumsmile, and of course I really can’t resist a meeting with Mary Poppins…

Portena Global at Uni/Markt

As always, the Museumsmile JazzTube is a little more darkly lit and with a a silent but attentive audience that always makes me think of the old english folk music audiences I’ve seen on british TV from the fifties (‘Beat Club’ I think they called it.  In the days before Mick Jagger I guess Bill Broonzy was pretty up-tempo).  There is indeed an umbrella in front of the electric piano but the umbrella does not talk and the lady behind it is actually a Marie.  There is no room in her set either for ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ to be sung.  What is sung though is calming after a hectic days work and suddenly I think I’ve found the place to stay for the evening.  I know I can count on Julia Kriegsmann to play some gentle flute/sax melodies.  There are two violins if further proof of calming sounds were needed.  There is a cajon it’s true, but Sven Heinze is brushing it lightly as if it might tear in pieces.

Mary Poppins – oops! I mean Marie Pack

I really could stay here all night.  But I still have a folk club to visit!  Back on the tube, this time in the direction of Ollenhauerstrasse to Bonn Folk Club.  Will there one day also be Jazztube music all the way to Bad Godesberg I wonder as I take my seat.  Judging by the ever increasing numbers at the current three stations who can tell?  I certainly wouldn’t complain.

On JazzTube days the ‘throughways’ tend to be ‘stayways’ (Uni/Markt)





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