On the roof with Jazz Clube

2015 ‘Jazztube’ winners Samba Jazz Clube Made for a perfect way to relax into a sleepy sunny Summer Sunday as a part of this year’s General Anzeiger Sommergarten.  Despite a gusty wind on the Bundeskunsthalle Roof  that made playing difficult at times, especially for Morgana Moreno’s delicate flute tones it was well worth setting the alarm before midday.

The band are a likeable combo, with ready smiles and Andre de Cayres regularly taking time between contra bass duties to announce the music (most of which is self compositions by the band).  The band are all Brazilian and the juxtaposition of Brazilian Samba rhythm with  improvised jazz is guaranteed to keep listeners on their toes.  Just hold on to your sun hat when the breeze hits!

There is still more to come from ‘up on the roof’ this Summer, so I recommend setting your own alarm clocks in time to catch Baum’s Bluesbenders with the Blues (6 August) and Andy Miles & Friends offering Melodic Jazz (20 August).  Bundeskunsthalle Roof – 11.30 am – 2.30 pm – Entrance Free!



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