Goodbye Mr Music


There was no definite closing time on the last day of business in Maximillian Strasse as Bonn’s last independent CD/Record store welcomed visitors.  The last CD’s were being snapped up, along with shop fittings and  posters..  A popular man on the day, with a never ending stream of well-wishers,  Mr Music, Bernie Gelhausen, found the time to clink glasses with me.  A toast to those four pillars of sanity in an often crazy world: Love, Health, Happiness and MUSIC!

Regulars in the shop appreciated the staff for their seemingly endless patience and inexhaustible knowledge.  Carsten, Duck, Frank, Piti, Flö and Thomas, I salute you all.  Were you a football team you would be in the Premier League!

A last word on this sad day for Bonn must come from Mr Music himself.  What should it be?  I asked.  Bernie thought it over for all of two seconds and replied: “Rock and Roll will never die!”  Sadly, today the shop we loved to buy it from did though.


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