Dos Equis – In the Blue Zone

Lots of good songs and good humour to finish the lightning Bonn tour of Italy’s finest Dos Equis.  With the dynamic duo playing at Zones Blues Bar on Maxstrasse it’s no surprise that Blues was  very much a part of the set at Zone Blues Bar in Max Strasse.  Lots to enjoy too though for fans of other music as Paolo and Charley Gave us soulful renditions of ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’ and ‘When a man loves a woman’ as well as some Country highlights such as ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Solitary Man’.  Even a smattering of Harry Belafonte courtesy of ‘Kingston Town’ and Italian titles that I didn’t recognize but can report were sung and heard with gusto by band and audience respectively.  As befitting an establishment known for it’s collection the ‘hat’ was replaced by a whiskey carton and hopefully stuffed full of large notes by the time it returned to the two men playing for us.  I suspect not – but if it’s any small consolation for their efforts, money can’t buy evenings like this.

I can’t imagine there could be a smaller venue playing live music than this one.  Show starts at 8pm and even the owner isn’t there until 7.59pm.  Difficult to get a drink during the break because the bar takes a break then too.  Excellent beer though and as the song goes: ‘If the river was whiskey’… Maxstrasse 2a would be it’s home address.  Owner Martin Linder quotes Robbie Burns on the website to avoid any confusion over the importance of whiskey to a safe living:

“Wi tippenny (twopenny beer), we fear nae (no) evil,
Wi usquabae (Gaelic for whisky), we’ll face the Devil.”
Tam O’Shanter von Robert Burns

To stay up to date and make sure of one of the dozen or so precious seats check out the Zone Blues Bar website




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