April in Bonn

DSC_6752It’s always a pleasure to go into town on a sunny day and find live music making it even sunnier.  Sonja’s in Friedrichstrasse kicked off it’s 2017 Jazz Season with the always charming vintage Jazz tones of Astatine.  It was wonderful to hear a part of Ana Maria Leistikow‘s current live homage to Cole Porter.  Was that the intro to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Vlad Vashenko slipped in before Eddie Fisher’s ‘Bluebird’?


Ana-Maria and Vlad are sure that it’s Summertime and the living is rather easy

Another musical surprise and another Fisher awaited me at Munsterplatz where the Premium Food Festival was taking place, rather oddly as a part of the Bonn Marathon weekend (it didn’t look like the sort of food that top athlete’s would eat before a long run…).  Martin Fischer from Troisdorf was splendidly clad in a red tartan kilt and energetically puffing out the tune to (I kid you not) ‘Sweet Child of Mine’on bagpipes.  What would Axel Rose make of it all?  I have to say that ‘Auld Lang Syne‘ and ‘Sailing’ sounded much more cohesive as bagpipe melodies, but I give credit for imagination.

It being a Food Festival there were long queues for burgers, buns and other exotic dishes that didn’t all start with a ‘B’.  Not being one for long queues, I settled for a glass of wine next to the gentleman from Rupp’s wineboothe that was closed due to the Marathon finish line being exactly where I normally stand with a cold Riesling.  I’m sure the said gentleman was enjoying having a glass or two without having to wash up the glasses and well he deserves the break too.


Martin Fischer – Sweet Child of Mine Re-visited

Assembling on the stage were what looked to be a local Blues Band.  The nameshield above them was a test for my reading glasses though as it seemed not to mean anything in any language I recognized.  ‘Jet Bliev’?  It turned out that the name was actually not in a language I, or anyone outside of the local region, would actually know as the band announced themselves to be a Plattdeutsch Rockband.  Strong wine and Plattdeutsch.  DOn’t mix them children!  With befuddled brain I headed home before the strange desire to put on a red nose and clown make-up overcame me.  Actually the band were quite enjoyable musically, and possibly lyrically too if you were in the know.  More food, music and possibly surprises tomorrow (Sunday) and lots of energetic people running around the City too.  Great to see Bonn come to life in time for Summer!


Platt-Rockers Jet Bliev help the food go down

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