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Tucked away on Ben Poole’s Facebook page is a snippet of video showing King King headed back to the stage as a packed Harmonie screams for an encore.  A smiling Alan Nimmo stops for a moment to ask a young lady “Great show darling?”  Well I managed to get the young lady’s answer to that question Alan.  King King take Bonn Harmonie by storm and guest writer Elisabeth Kassing takes up the story…

“It was loud, it was sweaty, it was groovy – it was everything a great concert should be at the Harmonie in Bonn last week when King King were in town.

…but before you start reading this little review, here’s a little heads-up for you: this  is not going to be about pedal-boards, guitar riffs or anything like that, but instead, about what you could feel during the show – it’s about the vibes and the raw energy of a King King concert.

Keyboard King Bob Fridzema

So let’s start with the view from onstage, as delivered by drummer Wayne Proctor: “Cracking night at the Harmonie in Bonn last night with King King. A capacity crowd all singing and hollering and making us all feel very welcome!”.

Which is exactly how it was for us in front of stage. After a powerful opening by the very talented Ben Poole, the crowd was fired up to welcome King King on stage.  They don’t waste time warming up either, opening the show with a blistering “Lose Control” that immediately set a high standard for the night!  The high standard was maintained, raised even, after “Wait On Time” and “Rush Hour” by which time every single person in the audience was thoroughly engaged, and you could see it in the beaming smiles on faces that they wanted more.

Mr Cool – bassman Lindsay Coulson

Time to slow it down a wee bit though with the very emotional (and definitely one of my favourites) “A Long History Of Love”.  Fine accompaniment here by the absolutely amazing Bob Fridzema on keys, who also provided some nice backing vocals throughout the show as well.

“You Stopped The Rain”, a beautiful song dedicated to leadsinger Alan Nimmo’s brother Stevie, was for sure another highlight of the night before it really got funky. And when it gets funky with the King King guys, there’s no chance not to dance! Mr. Lindsay Coulson, who definitely personifies the image of a cool looking bass guitarist, gives you the beat and you’re off – move your hips, move your feet and feel the “King King-way”! You’re wondering what this means? Well it simply means that you can’t watch a King King show without having a smile on your lips or be singing and moving. It just makes you feel good!

Anyone who wasn’t immediately drawn in by the music would surely surrender to the charms of guitarist and leadsinger Alan Nimmo asking – with his irresistible Scottish accent (I’m sure some of you won’t agree with me here ;-)) –  to sing along with him.   I dare you to stay silent –  Providing that you understood him…

Keeping the beat – Wayne Proctor

The audience was captivated from opening note of the evening to last note of the encore, and you could see how much the band was also enjoying playing to hundreds of singing, hollering and applauding people.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they invited Ben Poole on stage to join them playing a cracking encore. “Let Love In” was the perfect finish for a great show and the crowd showed their appreciation and enthusiasm once again singing and cheering for the band.

To sum it up, King King is actually one of the best blues-rock live-bands around and if you were at the Harmonie on this hot, sweaty, groovy night, you will know why the quartet are on their way to the very top.  If you missed them this timearound – make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice!

Last but not least, I’ve got to disappoint you on one point – the question of what a Scotsman wears under his kilt, or not, remains unanswered.  The question of whether King King are one of the best live bands on the planet in 2017 however most definitely is”.

  • Review by Elisabeth Kassing

Footnote:  To those who waited in vain for autographs after the show -The lads haven’t let their increasing fame go to their heads.  Alan Nimmo is under strict instruction following a throat operation to rest his voice after shows and unfortunately everyone wants to talk to the amiable big man afterwards.  Elizabeth will have to wait a little longer to complete her research on Scottish Rock music…

Best of British – guitar wizards Nimmo & Poole


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