Bernie’s Goldtaler

MrMusic_2017-0037So which disc should I buy?

An institution for many years is coming to an end.  Although Mr Music in Maximilianstrasse will be open for business a while longer thankfully – until 30 June, the treasured ‘Bernie’s Goldtaler’ (named after shop owner Bernd Gelhausen) will soon be no more.  The end of March will see the end of the famous Bonn discount books.

Originally symbolized by a thrifty fox motif,  the offer was simple:  For every 11.11 Euros spent the purchaser received a ‘Rabataufkleber’.  Twenty stickers = a 10 Euro discount on the next purchase.


The last coupon heft ever – with photo of Julian Sas

Legend has it that the first coupon books were for 11.11 Deutschmarks.  Certainly they have been around a few years now – even Mr Music himself Bernd Gelhausen couldn’t remember when they were introduced.  He remembers thinking it would give an extra edge against the stiff competition for buying vinyl in Bonn.  A sad reminder that once a fleet of shops competed for the hard earned money of bonn’s music lovers: ElPi at Dreieck, MusicLand, OxfordCD in Oxfordstraße, CityMusic in the Bonner Loch, Haus der Musik in  Wenzelgasse…  all gone now.


A clever fox would always ask for a sticker

In recent years Mr Music has been the promoter for Julian Sas in Bonn each years end, consequently the accompanying sticker booklet inevitably advertised the coming Mr Sas gig.  3songsbonn is very proud to have provided the photo on the final booklet.

We’d like to keep it as a souvenir – but there’s a last 10 Euro saving to be had!…


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