Two’s Good Company at Kunstgarten


Bonn Folk Club regulars will recognise the duo pictured here onstage at the Bonn Kunstgarten on Friday. Zwei von Zwei (Stephan Weidt and Ulrike Maria Hund) are popular at the monthly Club meetings where the normal limit is three songs in a set for local acts.

Good therefore to have the chance to catch more of their thoughtful lyrics and relaxing guitar/flute mix after a week of work.  With a big stage not so far away to their right in the form of Jazz at the Rheinaue and another to their left in the form of Reggae/Folk at the Stadtgarten a big audience was never likely to happen – but those that did stop for a drink by the ‘lake’ got to enjoy an excellent contemporary singer/songwriter set and proved that we have a lot of great local talent here in Bonn to be proud of.



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