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Louder Than Wolves1Here we are then at week two in the Stadtgarten Season at Alten Zoll and it’s going to be a busy weekend.  On Saturday there is a full day of music in Bonn City Centre for free but tonight there’s ‘only’ the one free concert, featuring Young Cologne Band Louder Than Wolves and the Alternative Pop sound of 16 Tage – both presented by ‘Die Musikstation’ Kleinen Muck e.V.

I hadn’t heard either band before outside of a quick check on YouTube that suggested they were the perfect way to rock-out a Friday.  Quite a few others seemed of the same opinion which meant a healthy collection of B.O.G.’s (Bums On Grass!) to hear the music.  Not a very healthy collection of F.O.F.’s (Feet On Floor) though in front of the stage, and why do people stand so far away from the musicians?  is there some theory that people who play music are contagious or something?


At any rate, Louder Than Wolves exceeded my expectations from the online videos.  ‘We Play Loud’ is their Facebook motto, despite which they got a gig in Bonn!  The band had a strong beat and lots of power to their songs, all but the last encore of which were in English.  They’ve only been around since March last year but sounded very together and I loved the guitar sound of Rene Bill  on his Gibson SG.  They will be playing the Green Juice Festival Warm-Up on 19 August and have made the Regional Final of the SPH-Band Contest in October.  These guys could go far!



13 Tage were  oriented towards electronic sounds but they also had a biting electric guitar backing from Maximilian Derkum and vocalist Martin Nachsheim impressed too with his delivery and his lyrics.

Martin Nachtsheim - 16 Tage

Martin Nachtsheim – 16 Tage

Another band to watch I would say.  Autumn sees the release of the band’s first full CD so watch out for it if your Alternative Pop leans in the keyboard direction – they could be very much up your street.

Louder than Wolves – More Photos

13 Tage – More Photos

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