Rheinbach Classics – Big Cars & Big Skirts

RheinbachClassics--13The 50’s were a time when life was simpler, men were politer and cars were… well, the best were big and American.  Truth or fiction?  It’s certainly true that there are an awful lot of people who would like to be living then in preference to now and in a World of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump who can blame them?  Rheinbach is a place many such people can be found once a year,some 25000 people in fact visited the festival to see or drive the ‘Oldtimers’ and as my blue suede shoes were being re-soled Andreas Terhaer made a visit on the Festival Friday of Rheinbach Classics to capture not the classic oldtime cars but instead some of the classic old time music.

The Wonderfrolleins



These charming, joking classic girls, addicted to the 50’s style and the lightness of Life are consistently digesting the Italian  lifestyle and their love of the music.  They are not afraid to offer a mixture of styles,  from pop hits and well known classic songs.

Oozing  charm, jokes and temperament the Wonderfrolleins put the crowd in the mood for an extraordinary rockin’ retro party for the rest of the evening.


The Silverballs


Their mission to deliver  ‘Jumpin`Hot Rock`n`Roll all over Germany’  has been driving  award winning Band “The Silverballs” for many years.

Taking  well known rockabilly – or Boogie-Songs and making each one their own is a secret of their success in the busy Rockabilly scene.  A few minutes of lively music was all it took to assemble a large crowd of Boogie and Lindy Hoppers.

The Lennerockers


As one of the most booked rockabilly bands in Europe the Lennerockers made up the rest of the evening with one of their last one-of-a-kind concerts.  One of their last? Sadly,  after more than 25 years they will split up from the end of this season in order to concentrate on personal projects.

If you have a chance to see them during the current season, a visit is highly recommended, especially for those who love  boogie and rock  in the style of Elvis, Al Green, Chuck Miller and of course Jerry Lee Lewis!


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