Toys2 Advanced

Toys2Masters (59 of 73)-20Onwards to the ‘Advanced Level’ at Toys2 Masters and a second chance for bands to collect points at Klangstation (Bonn).  A chance also to be one of the 24 through to the quarter finals beckons.
For the best band overall there’s also a super opportunity to spend two days in a recording studio ( Tonstudio KölnBonn) and even make a video with  Roll it Films.

I won’t even try to evaluate the chances of anyone.  How can you really choose between such disparate musicians as the Fun-rapping Phoeniks, Pop Rockers David Nevory Band and the varied talents and styles of Kefka, and Zufällig Hier?
My apologies to Kefka, I didn’t make it in time for their set but I heard it was a good one.

Folk Club Fans will be pleased to hear though that the Ledermann Brothers (Bromo)  played another blinder including Club favourite ‘The Old Me’ and audience favourite  ‘3000 Miles’ (complete with cigarette lighters and cellphone screens waving in the murky air.


Toys2Masters (72 of 73)-24


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