Over the Border Festival

Bonn’s first ‘Over the Border’ Festival is now in full swing, introducing Worldclass musicians chosen to reflect the ability of Worldmusic to be individual yet unifying.
Sunday (28 Feb) sees Flavia Coelho as Festival guest at the Harmonie. Coelho is an example of the Festival’s pioneering spirit as one of the first cosmetic advisers for transvestites in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro.
Her latest CD ‘Mundo Meu’ (Meine Welt) recalls her history and is a guide through the big City Jungle in her mother tongue.

An excellent example in fact of the musicians assembled by organizer Manuel Banha who have “The ability to “see beyond borders” (“Blick über die Teller Rand”)


Mondays’s Over the Border Guests at the Harmonie:

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