Out for Klangwelle


Following two official complaints about the noise last year the ‘Klangwelle’ has been cancelled until further notice. Apparently even the sound of the water pumps exceeds the allowed decibel range for the area.  Alternative sites such as Poppelsdorfer Allee, The Stadtgarten near Alten Zoll and Bad Godesberg have all failed in terms of lack of water, or danger of flooding, or possible complaining neighbours.

Even last Sundays ‘PopFarm’ at Kunstgarten was stopped for an hour because of noise ‘problems’. This was at mid-day and relates to an event that is put on by an organization that encourages youngsters to make music and for whom this was the highlight of the year for many of the said youngsters.

Have you noticed how much of Bonn’s General Anzeiger newspaper’s ‘Feuilleton’ (Arts) section is now taken up with events in Cologne? Friday sees the next round of ‘Jazztube’ in Bonn’s underground stations – unless someone, somewhere decides it’s invading their silence of course, and that will be the end of that too. Very, Very sad Bonn.



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