Classic Rock coming to Loreley

The legendary Joe Bonamassa

The legendary Joe Bonamassa

Only ten days to go until one of the best guitar driven concerts for many a year  begins.  Performers at the Classic Rocknacht on the St Goarshausen Openair stage at Loreley.  Set to appear on 14th June are, amongst others, Joe Satriani, Joe Bonamassa, ex-Whitesnake legend Bernie Marsden, The Brew, Julian Sas and Krissy Matthews.



High Flying Jason Barwick (The Brew)

High Flying Jason Barwick (The Brew)

Present guitar heroes the two Joes, Bonamassa and Satriani, together with popular greats Bernie Marsden and Julian Sas.  There’s a smattering of stars of tomorrow too in Krissy Matthews and The Brew with Jason Barwick.
Click Here for Details of where and how to get tickets.

The running order is now set:

21.30 Joe Satriani
19.15 Joe Bonamassa
17:55 Bernie Marsden
16.40 the Brew
15.25 Julian Sas
14.40 Krissy Matthews
14.10 Al Frindermann
14.00 Doors open
In the break before Bernie Marsden: Xander & the Peace Pirates

Dutch favourite Julian Sas

Dutch favourite Julian Sas



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