Jazztube 2014


Sax in the City

It’s that time of year again – when unwary workers step out onto Bonn tram platforms to the sound of music. Jazz music to be precise. The Stadtwerke Bonn sponsored Jazz Tube is back at Hauptbahnhof, Universität/Markt and Museumsmeile/Heussallee, and as always it was worth the tram hopping to catch each band.

Traditionally Hauptbahnhof is the setting for the louder, more robust bands. Sax in the City is built around the solid sax sound of Waldemar Leczkowski. Soul, Funk, RnB and Reggae says the JazzTube page for the band and even though I only caught their last set they managed to fit all of those in and more.

Bone Six

Bone Six

Down at Universität/Markt there was a much simpler musical mix going down courtesy of Bone Six with Norbert Bujtor on trombone, but I especially liked the light jazz guitar touch of Vladislav Vaschenko on the well worn classic ‘Over The Rainbow’. Noticeably, a lot of the audience were sitting on the floor to listen to these guys. Excellent music after a long day in the office.

Aniko Kanthak

Aniko Kanthak

Similarly the voice of Aniko Kanthak at Museumsmeile was weaving a magic carpet for tired commuters to rest on before heading home for the weekend. Beautiful music, beautiful voice, and a beautiful smile to round off each number. I only wish I’d got there a little earlier and caught more of the music, songs and, yes, the smiles. Aniko it transpires is a big Ella Fitzgerald fan and has a very listenable CD out called ‘Till you hear from me’.  Oddly, although all the songs I caught at Museumsmeile were in German,  the CD is in English – much of it written by Aniko herself. All I can say is, German or English, the girl already has a style of her own that promises a great future of jazz playing for herself and a great future of jazz hearing for the local musical scene.

Okay then. That’s all from me for this month’s Jazztube. Click Here to Vote  for your favourite.


Next JazzTube 27 June. Check the JazzTube Website for full details.

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