Save Culture in Bonn – Demo

Demo3“20 million Euro – No other City in Germany has saved so much money through Culture cuts as Bonn”    –   (Markus Schuck CDU).

Today saw a demonstration against the erosion of Bonn’s Cultural identity in the City Centre – with a suitable ‘Minutes Silence’ for the benefit of those for whom silence in Bonn is golden.  “We want Bonn to be a place for living musicians too” as a speaker was quick to point out, pointedly from under the Beethoven statue.

Prominent supporter - Jürgen Nymptsch

Prominent supporter – Jürgen Nymptsch

There was prominent support in the form of Mayor Jürgen Nimptsch.  His suggestion of a fusion between the Operas of Cologne and Bonn to save money has led nowhere though and now there is the suggestion of a’ Ratsbürgerentscheid’ in which the Local Council can agree a referendum by the people to decide the matter of Cultural financing by the City.  Such a referendum though would need a two thirds vote by the local council just to proceed further.

Hopefully the Demonstration will be further proof that the people of Bonn want a City they can live in before they die.


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