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Beethoven needs you!

Beethoven needs you!

Residents in Bonn will be only too aware that there is something of a Culture Crisis existing at the present time, and   Whilst the name ‘Kulturekreis Bonn’ actually translates as ‘Culture Circle’ it seems like the recent Open Day that took place at the former Bouvier Bookshop (the demise of which itself is an example of the crisis?) was being held by the right people to present Bonn’s plight.

From 12.00 to 4.00pm there was opportunity to meet some of the movers and shakers currently at work in the Bonn Cultural Ballpark.  Particularly important to Pop/Rock music lovers was that Kunst!Rasen is now keen to form a Friendly Society to share the burden that has come their way both financially and politically recently.  After prolonged legal argument over the right to even stage live music the final straw came following a suspected arson attack that left Kunst!Garten in ashes.

Out of the ashes though has come hope and support.  Politicians are keen to have top live music here in Bonn and major local Artists such as BAP’s Wolfgang Niedecken and Cabaret Artist Konrad Beikircher have stepped behind the cause.  Local residents and music lovers can follow suit.   For more details check the website

If you’ve travelled over to Bonn from France maybe  for a concert by Zaz, or from England for a concert by Bob Dylan, or Norway to see Katzenjammer or… or… if you thought the venue in Bonn was a bit special – get involved, show support, and if you don’t speak German let 3Songsbonn know what YOU want to know.

There was a lot of positive talk at Bouvier on Saturday.  Bonn’s Beethoven halle could be renovated to be the Classical Concert Hall that Tourists expect from a City that brought them Beethoven.  A Theatre could be built on Rheinaue that would, together with Kunst!Rasen, make Bonn a real Cultural Capital for Germany.   It will however also undoubtedly  create a ‘save our park’ lobby even if Kunst!Rasen is only for a few Summer months.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be a hot debate about the future of Bonn, and those who want a live music scene here in future should get involved NOW!


Young composer Alexander Wagner at the Bouvier ‘Open-Day’


‘Gut Behütet’ A Bonn Kulturkreis performance at the Bouvier Open Day

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