Kunst!Garten Woes

13_kunstfarten_080-52-EditWhile investigations continue into a suspected arson attack that left Kunst!Garten a pile of burnt ashes, there is an account for anyone wanting to financially support the promoters.

Because the fire occurred after a final concert on the land had taken place, there was no insurance cover.  Promoters Ernst-Ludwig Hartz and Martin Nötzel now face a crippling bill of around 100.000 Euros.

There is currently talk of a Benefit Concert with local Artists such as Konrad Beikircher taking part, although nothing has as yet been finalized.

Account details  for help with the insurance costs are as follows:
Account: Martin J. Nötzel
Acc.Nr: 100 100 10 15
Sortcode: 38060186 (V+R Bank Rhein Sieg)

To add to uncertainty, a ruling is still awaited over the complaints of excess noise from the shows that were made from a future Beuel resident.  Currently it is expected that if concerts take place next year, they will be fewer (possibly a maximum of ten in total) and quite likely under extra pressure to keep the volume in check.

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