Stage free for Beethoven

beethovenWe had Bon Jovi and Beethoven onstage in Bonn on Saturday. Okay, not the real thing – one is a little too expensive for Bonn and the other a little too dead – but their music was free to all listeners as a part of the ‘Bühne Frei für Beethoven’ (Stage free for Beethoven) programme.

I’m sure of all the concerts, grand and small, that happen in this City in the great mans honor, this one would put the biggest smile on his 243 year old face. Homeless people sitting alongside well heeled classics fans, united  in the sunshine by beautiful music.  It even made the infamous ‘Bonner Loch’ (tastefully renamed ‘Klanggrund’) seem welcoming.

Ludwig would also have appreciated seeing all the young faces gazing attentively at conductors over violins, cellos and clarinets. The Jugend Jazz Orchester Bonn, Bigband der Europaschule Bornheim, Bonner Jugendsinfonieorchester, Bonn International Schule Band, the area is bursting with young musical talent it seems.  All are in the 3Songs Photo Gallery below.  Be it ‘Klanggrund’, ‘Marktplatz’ or even amongst the jewellery  and scarves in Kaufhof (Freude Ensembles) there was music to be found.

Beethoven frei fuer BeethovenCLICK HERE FOR PHOTO GALLERY

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