Bonn’s new Palace

IMG_1319Not quite finished is how best to describe the next attraction coming to Bonn’s Kunst!Rasen site.
‘Kunst!Palast’ is the name that’s been given to the new  live music location that will be onsite from 18 July until 19 August.

It might look like a giant parachute right now, but when finished it will offer a seated audience of up to 1500 or standing up to 2500 a wide range of cultural delights, from comedian Kaya Yanar, through Schlager King Heino and onto such diverse acts as La Brass Banda, Sophie Hunger, Nils Landren and the B52’s.  An early recommendation from me is Beth Hart on 23 July.

All that great entertainment AND a roof over your head if it rains.  Could there really be anything more to wish for in a great evening out?

Well, lets hope the tent is waterproof when it’s finally up – just in case of heavy showers…

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