Deserted at Kunst!Garten

13_untitled_081-133Deserted? No, I didn’t turn up at the Kunst!Garten on Sunday evening and find no-one else there.  In fact there were a lot of people there to see local bands Sentinel Hill and Deserted.

I can’t say that Sentinel Hill were my sort of music.  A sort of Bowie-ish stern serious lyrics delivered with an equally  stern face by singer Corinna Siebert.  An internet search turned up the bands own description as  ‘Downbeat, Trip Hop, Electronica, Weird Folk’ (I particularly like the last of these descriptions!).  I guess it proves there’s a name for everything where music is concerned.   They do their own thing and make an enjoyable enough sound to watch the ducks on the lake to.  Not bad, just not my thing.


Sentinel Hill

I saw Deserted a few years ago and thought they were an enjoyable Rock outfit.  There were a lot of fans there to suggest that I’m not alone in thinking they are an excellent combo in the mould of early U2.  Singer Philipp Honrath has a distinctive stage presence and character that in itself grabs attention but the rest of the band do an excellent job of keeping that attention for an entire set. Guitarist Björn Donath in particular has an effective ‘ economic style that hits a riff when needed but doesn’t plough it into the ground in the way that many Rock/Metal axe-men tend to do.

There was a mix of old and new material from a very freshly recorded new album that could well really move Deserted up a league.  Certainly a combo that’s worth catching on any live stage.  They did a few gigs in the UK earlier this year, things seem to be building for the band and time will tell.  If you were there you’ll know what I mean about the potential.  If you weren’t – then get down to the Kunst!Garden soon for more local musical gems live and free.




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