British Blues Awards 2013

bbalogo8Many of Britain’s best Blues musicians play regularly here in Bonn and now is the chance to support your personal favourites, as voting for the British Blues Awards gets underway.

Alan Nimmo, Wayne Proctor, Lindsay Coulson, King King, Oli Brown, Dani and Will Wilde, Roger Innis… all are amongst the nominations this year.  Alongside  tried & tested stars of the British Blues circuit such as Ian Siegal and emerging young talent like Ben Poole.  For German Blues fans there is also the chance to put your Country firmly in the European Blues Spotlight by voting for Henrik Freischlader in the International section (but will you want to ‘ignore’ Walter Trout?)

A lot of tough decisions to be made then, but you have until 30 June to decide and vote CLICK HERE

May the best Man, Woman, Band win!

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