Jazz Tube Winners

Florian Esch of the Benedikt Hesse Quartett

The winners of Bonn’s first ever Jazz Tube have now been announced.  Three Acts each month have entertained travellers along the Bonn Tube Station line since May. with listeners having the chance to vote for their favourite musicians.

The winning acts were chosen from some 3000 voters and are Madera Portena, Maya Trio and the Benedikt Hesse  Quartet.   Due to conflicting dates the latter will not be able to appear at the Harmonies ‘All Winners’ concert on 21 October and will be represented instead by the fourth placed Jens Böckamp Band.

Suffice to say that there were really no losers, certainly not the public who had their travels brightened by surprise music (I’ve lost count of the many smiling faces I encountered stepping from the moving staircases to discover music playing between platforms).  My money was on the Maya Trio and the Philippa Gojo Quartett – I loved the latters improvisational skills and use of a megaphone in her set. Lisa Pflaum on Trombone was also a joy to hear, lots of good music was to be heard around Bonn and not everyone could win. The HARMONIE CONCERT in October should be fun.

Hopefully the Jazz Tube will be back again next year.

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