Stanfour – Northsea to Bonn

Back from a few days in Sylt I stopped off at Markplatz on Saturday to see who was playing. The musicians who caught my ears were, it turned out, also from the Northsea – The Island of Föhr in Schleswig Holstein to be exact. Stanfour was the Band in question and they played a nice Pop/Rock mix of own-compositions. They write and sing in English, having spent some time in Los Angeles working with Film producers and themselves had a hit in 2007 with ‘For All Lovers’ which was the theme for German televisions Soap Opera ‘Nur Die Liebe Zählt’

The Band, centred around brothers Alex und Konstantin Rethwisch, (with Eike Lüchow and Christian Lidsba) have opened for John Fogerty, A-Ha, Backstreet Boys and Bryan Adams so despite their relative young ages they have a lot of experience and a couple of CD’s to their name. It was especially good to see a stage up in front of the Guildhall and a reminder of the magic days of the ‘Bonn Summer’ concert season that is now sadly no more. Perhaps some of the people who work in the Guildhall will have seen the big, enthusiastic crowd, and consider bringing contemporary music back to the Square again next Summer. There is so much good music out there waiting to be heard and so many people who enjoy hearing it…


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