Tent for sale

FOR SALE: 1 Tent, 15 years old, weight 35 tons

Price new: Euro 350,000.00.  Condition: Good

The square next to Bonn’s KAH Art Museum will be just the way many people wanted it next week –  EMPTY.

For the record, Bonn’s Open Air Tent was designed and built in 1997  by Tent specialists ‘CenoTec’ in Greven specifically for use between the two museums.  It was 24.5 metres high and had the dimensions 45.50 x 38.5 metres.

Whether the Ice-rink which traditionally took up residence under the tent in Winter will continue in its present location is unknown – it will need another roof if it does.  Perhaps the owners will make a bid for the old Tent.  Whatever happens, the old tent won’t be keeping the rain off of concert-goers at the new ‘Kunst!Rasen’ Event promoter Ernst-Ludwig Hartz is adamant that “We don’t need a tent, the new venue will be totally Open Air”.   Let’s all hope for a dry Summer with hot music on the ‘Kunst!Rasen’.

A packed tent for the Zaz concert last year

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