Beware – Karneval is Back!

Well, there’s enough music in a German Carnival procession to qualify it for 3SongsBonn I think… and anyway, for all you readers outside of Germany, here is a glimpse of what locals call ‘The fifth Season of the Year’ – Karneval!

These particular images are from the ‘Karneval Zug’ in Kessenich, a small suburb in Bonn.  Unlike the giant commercial enterprises that are the Rosenmontag Carnival Trains in Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf and such, There are few, if any, giant papiermache figures being hauled behind giant tractors at these events.   But the effort that goes into them and the enjoyment those watching get out of them, are just as great – if not greater.

Karneval even has it’s own Music scene – filled with bands like Bläck Fööss and Die Höhner, who do more gigs in a day sometimes than others do in a week.   It has it’s own music too, and if you don’t recognise the words you may well recognize some of the melodies.  You might even grow to like it.  Me? I’m still working on that aspect of Karneval…


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