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A favourite pastime in my youth was flicking through the racks at my local record store.  In those days there seemed to be such places in every backstreet.  Nowadays of course you’re lucky to have even one independent Record store in your City – even if you’re City is a big one.   Bonn is also practically a disc buying desert unless you’re after the latest from Lady Gaga, Bläck Föös or BAP.   We do have an oasis though in Maximilianstrasse called ‘Mr Music’.  What’s more you can help support Mr M by voting for them in Cargo Records ‘Plattenladen des Jahres Award 2011’ Doing so will show your support at a time when a lot of shops are  closing in Bonn.  Record Shops are an endangered species – once gone they are gone forever.  To give Bonn’s Mr Music a step towards the award just VOTE HERE

As an extra incentive, there are also prizes to be won!

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