A Cheeseburger for Pinetop Perkins

Cheeseburger & Apple Pie – in memory of Pinetop.

7 July would have been the 98th birthday of Blues Legend Pinetop Perkins who died this year.   I recieved the following unique idea from ‘Marci B’ on how to ‘remember’ Pinetop via Candye Kane.   Sounds great to me!

Hi Everyone~
As many of you may know, we lost a legend and for some a dear friend this past March 21st. Mr. Joe Willie “Pinetop Perkins. He has gone on, but he’s not forgotten. I would like to suggest that on July 7th, 2011 (what would have been his 98th birthday) we all take a moment to remember him by partaking of his favorite culinary delight…Mc Donald’s (Mc Dannel’s, as he called it) cheeseburger and an apple pie. Tell them at “Mc D’s” why you’re buying them. I’m not certain, but I think that if those who have gone on can see what’s happening here, this would make Pinetop smile!
Please help me spread the word on this. Forward this email to as many blues fans as you can and ask them to do the same. It would be wonderful if this went global! The Egyptians believe that speaking about the dead keeps them “alive” in a sense. Let’s all keep him alive in our hearts on July 7th!
Sincerely in The Blues,
Ms Marci

P.S. On his 92nd birthday, he was playing at The North Atlantic Blues Fest in ME. around his birthday. When my husband Jim and I visited with him in his hotel room, we presented him with a birthday”cake” I made from Mc Donald’s apple pies and homemade cream cheese frosting in the shape of an upright piano. He had no idea what it was made of when we first showed it to him, but as soon as I told him what is was, he smiled so big that I thought he might unzip the top of his head! I feel so blessed to have known him.

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