Barry Barnes, Sinnerboy, and an Irish Legend-Interview

On 20.04.2019 Barry Barnes from Manchester is the guest with his band Sinnerboy at the Hotel Klosterhof in Euskirchen.
No one evokes the sound and sheer emotion of a Rory Gallagher concert like Barnes.  He developed his enthusiasm for the guitar playing of the enigmatic Irishman at an early age.  At that time, in 1969, Rory still headed the band TASTE. After Barry had visited a show it was clear for him THIS was his music! From then on he honed his guitar playing skills and internalized the technique of Rory Gallagher.


After Rory’s death in 1995, Barry’s life also changed. He organized the first tribute concert in Manchester and regularly played the music of his hero in the bars and pubs of England and Ireland.
When he turned 50, Barnes decided to quit his normal job and devote himself entirely to the music of Gallagher. It’s unlikely that any other musician has played so many tribute concerts, or performed so often at what is probably the largest Gallagher tribute festival in Ballyshannon (IE). With his band Sinnerboy, Barry Barnes is the most sought after name to recreate the Gallagher sound at festivals throughout Europe. Whether Greece, Austria, Italy, Norway, Spain or Germany, the list could be endless.


Barnes interprets Rory’s music in his own way, close to the original but never as a cover, clearly Rory, but unmistakably Sinnerboy. What he does comes from the heart, acoustically alone, electrically with Sinnerboy, as a guest with other bands or with guests at his own show. Barry Barnes embodies, just as his great role model did, the buddy from next door with whom you can drink a pint, talk about music, down-to-earth, authentic, uniquely sympathetic.


In advance of the show in Euskirchen, guest 3songsbonn contributor Peter Reimer asked Barry Barnes about his life taking the music and magic of Rory Gallagher around Europe: INTERVIEW HERE

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Band of Friends Interview 2018

You only have to look at the smiles onstage to know that these guys really are a Band of Friends. Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna were both a part of the Rory Gallagher band – Gerry since it’s formation in 1971 where he became such a mainstay that Rory never got round to even having him sign a contract (it was usually down to a short phone call from Rory asking “Gerry, do you fancy coming in to record an album/go on a tour…” Ted joined for several excellent 80’s Gallagher albums. The missing ‘Rory’ part of the Gallagher tribute band was found in the form of Dutch guitar wizard Marcel Scherpenzeel.

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Interview with British Jazz trombonist Dave Horler

On 17th September the Bonn Jazz Orchestra will have a very special guest in its ranks. Lymington born trombonist Dave Horler was a part of the highly respected BBC Radio Orchestra and has played with Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby to name just two legendary vocalists. in 1980 he joined the WDR Dance Orchestra, which later became the WDR Big Band, and still managed in that busy career to bring daughter Nathalie into the world – better known now as Internationally successful singer Cascada. 3songsbonn caught up with Dave ahead of the Bonn Pantheon concert and asked him about his career to date.

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Introducing the JJOB – Interview with Bonn’s Youth Jazz Orchestra founders


On 16 June there is a musical anniversary to celebrate as the Jugend Jazz Orchester Bonn (Bonn’s Youth Jazz Orchestra) will be playing a concert in the Pantheon Theatre to celebrate its 5th Anniversary.  3Songs.  Here the JJOB’s  co-founders Thomas Heck and Thomas Kimmerle give their thoughts on the anniversary, the concert, and on the Orchestra itself.

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Vanya Sky Interview

“Blues are the only thing that makes me happy.  Isn’t that ironic?”  (‘Lost Love’ from the debut CD’)

At Bonn Harmonie on Thursday, remembering his late father Luther as a front runner of the electric Blues, Bernard Allison called her “The newcomer, coming along to pull up the rear end”.  She’s the newcomer on this year’s Blues Caravan Tour.  Talking to Vanja Sky after the show I asked for her favourite Rory Gallagher track and got a long list back – it would have been longer but Mike Zito reminded her there were a queue of people patiently waiting with CD’s in hand for autographs.  With such an obvious enthusiasm for Rory 3songsbonn took an immediate liking to the young Croatian and asked to send a few questions her way.  She was kind enough to do so next day.  On the evidence of Thursday’s performance this girl is going to be around for quite a while on the Blues scene, so here is where your knowledge of Vanja Sky and her music starts.  Where it ends is up to the lady herself.  The sky, as they say, is the limit…

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Samantha Fish Interview

“Really, there are no boundaries with this. 

It’s Art and you just make the music that feels good and feels right”

In my previous interview with Samantha Fish she indicated an interest in trying out different musical styles.  In 2017 she delivered on this in style with two excellent releases: ‘Chills and Fever’ and ‘Belle of the West’.  Each of them very different from her characteristic Blues Rock style and even, to some extent, different from each other.  At the time of writing the latter is sitting proudly on top of the Billboard Blues Chart in America so it’s a good time to find out what went into the making of these releases and how they will be presented onstage.  Samantha kindly gave time for a short interview before her recent show at the Harmonie in Bonn

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The realities of Rockstardom – Ian Hunter interview

3songsbonn finds out about life in the 70’s pop charts with Ian Hunter

“Both of those guys (Freddie Mercury & David Bowie) were dedicated to being Rockstars.     I was just glad to be out of the factory”

Ian Hunter is rock royalty.  The youngsters out there won’t be so familiar with the name, but in the early 1970’s he was hanging out with David Bowie,  pictured with Freddie Mercury and even had Queen as a support group.  He and band Mott the Hoople were regulars on British TV’s iconic Top Of The Pops.  It was a time when shirt collars, trouser bottoms and even mens hair were all worn Big.  It was the golden age of Rock n Roll.

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