JazzTube Festival (3 – 5 Nov)


Marie Pack – Mary & The Poppins

Pantheon Theater Bonn from 3rd to 5th of November
So you enjoyed the music on Bonn’s subway stations this Summer?  you voted for your favourite band?  Now you can sit back and enjoy them at the Final Concert on Friday (3 November)!  That’s not all though.  Two excellent Jazz concerts will follow the Grand finale on 4 + 5 November with Andreas Theobald Quartet & Confluence on Saturday (4 Nov) and Tamara Lukasheva Quartet with Triosence Sunday (5 Nov).  If that’s not enough good news for Jazz Fans, 3songsbonn.com will be giving away guest-tickets for all three days with a special JAZZTUBE COMPETITION!

The JazzTube Festival 2017 kicks off with this years JazzTube winners: jentgens6tett, Mary & The Poppins und The Klezmer Tunes
A lot has changed in JazzTube from the fledgling competition/local Jazz shopwindow  it began as.   The programme was extended in 2017 to include both opening concerts (at Stadtgarten in the Summer) right through to the coming closing Festival.  The three winning bands from the audience vote are a must see and form the start of the closing JazzTube Festival, whose programme extends over the three evenings from 3rd to 5th of November. The Stadtwerke Bonn and Thomas Kimmerle have created an exclusive and outstandingly selected program for all Jazz fans.
Friday, November 3rd (20:00-23:00):
Sonorous Finale
The Klezmer Tunes, jentgens6tett and Mary & The Poppins were voted winners of  the audience / fan-voting and will be on stage again on Friday, 3rd of November, from 8-11 pm.
The Klezmer Tunes takes the audience on a musical journey around the world, through Poland and America to Australia. Vadim Baev on the accordion, Mike Rauss (guitar), Michael Meier-Etienne playing double bass, Dimitri Schlenker with his clarinet and violinist Igor Mazritsky present a rapid interplay in which the audience is encouraged to provide vocal support.
The jentgens6tett, which includes Jan Alexander (piano), Marina Opitz (double bass) and Michael Knippschild (drums) as well as the three wind players Jakob Jentgens (tenor saxophone), Navid Rezaeian (trumpet) and Janika Löttgen (trombone) present a sound full of power and a vast musical range. Additionally, the mixture of self-compositions and well-known jazz songs promises a high degree of variety.
Already, their performance on the Heussallee, Mary & The Poppins thrilled with musical diversity and a high degree of authenticity. The band, which consists of frontwoman Marie Pack, violinist Lilia Kirkow, Sven Heinze on cello and the born in Bonn, Julia Kriegmann on flute, bass clarinet and saxophone, provides instrumental and lyrical support for quite a few listeners – often with a little wink.
Visitors to the opening night can look forward to an eventful evening on November, 3rd, where they will encounter many facets of jazz.
From about 11 pm – AFTER SHOW GET TOGETHER – with the Jerry Lu Trio in the Pantheon Lounge!
Saturday, November 4th (20:00-23:00):
Andreas Theobald Quartet – Curtain up for the Newcomers
The Andreas Theobald Quartet is the newcomer to the JazzTube Festival Bands on November 4th and 5th. The young artists around the pianist Andreas Theobald, Ferdinand Schwarz (trumpet), Calvin Lennig (double bass) and Niklas Jaunich (drums) got to know each other playing together in the Youth Jazz Orchestra NRW. Calvin Lennig has also been playing bass at the Alex Wünsche Trio during the JazzTube Opening Concert as part of the Stadtgartenkonzerte. Andreas Theobald himself received lessons from Bonn pianist Marcus Schinkel for many years, was a member of the Youth Jazz Orchestra Bonn from 2014-2016, took first place at the Jugend Jazzt competition and then moved on to the orchestra NRW. Since 2016 he has also enrolled as student at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne. From swinging notes to the jazz tradition to impressionistic, contemporary sounds, the Andreas Theobald Quartet plays interpretations from the Great American Song Book as well as compositions written especially for the ensemble. Make no mistake, you will hear a lot more from this young band.
CONFLUENCE: The meeting of the jazz greats
With Confluence the name is the program. The name is meant to mean “flowing together” or “growing together” and the ensemble features a dream team of international jazz virtuosos, both from the US and Europe.

Johan Hörlen – Playing here for Peter Protschka’s Organic Universe at 2017’s JazzTube

Andy Hunter (trombone) has been touring and making international appearances on various formations even before coming to Europe, with the Mingus Big Band and the Richard Bona Group being just two examples of the vast jazz and Latin groups that Hunter moved in. Johan Hörlen (saxophone, clarinet), also a highly respected soloist, plays among others at the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra and also tours with his own quartet. Tim Collins (vibraphone) also plays with his own quartet, but has already recorded albums, among others, with Simon Lott, Charlie Hunter and Matt Clohesy. John Goldsby (double bass) not only masters his instrument excellently, but also works as a composer, teacher and author. New York based Adam Nussbaum is a masterful drummer who has worked with jazz greats such as Michael Brecker, John Scofield, Gil Evans, Sonny Rollins and Dave Liebman (only a partial selection).
Hunter, Hörlen and Goldsby are all part of the WDR Bigband – Goldsby since 1994 as a regular bass player. The eponymous album Confluence will be released in autumn 2017 and the band will present one of the few original-cast concerts at the JazzTube Festival. The album of musicians from New York, Stockholm, Munich, Michigan and Cologne is characterised by creativity and empathetic, dense interaction. This evening sees a rare constellation of world-class jazz presenting itself in Bonn!
Sunday, November 5th (19:00-23:00):
A lively evening with the Tamara Lukasheva Quartet
The Cologne quartet is completely devoted to the compositions of the young Ukrainian singer Tamara Lukasheva, who is now one of the most sought-after jazz singers in Germany due to her enormous versatility. Her strengths include her tremendous voice precision and the emotional and tonal range of her live performances. When she came to the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne in 2010, she quickly became acquainted with the musicians of her current quartet, with whom she has been playing since then: Sebastian Scobel (piano), Jakob Kühnemann (double bass) and Antoine Duykers (drums). All four have already gained experience on national and international stages. As a soloist, Lukasheva has already been able to clear many awards, but the quartet is also well received, her 2016 published album “Patchwork of Time” received positive reviews. Lukasheva’s compositional style combines folkloric elements of her homeland with European modern jazz and contemporary classical music. Lukasheva’s melodies are always followed by rhythmic and harmoniously refined structures that express their cleverly planned build-up and their precision in the development of motifs. But despite all the subtle complexity of their pieces they never run out of space for expressive solos. Through Lukasheva’s expressive voice, the melodies seem emotionally catchy and direct despite their complex structures.
The triumvirate of German jazz
Since formation of the band in 1999, Triosence has swept up almost all possible jazz prizes, including first prize at the national competition „Jugend jazzt“, the Studiopreis des Deutschlandfunks and a nomination for the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik. The trio, founded by pianist Bernhard Schüler, consists of a piano, contrabass and percussion, a classic trio setting Schüler has been calling his ‘favorite sound-body’ for many years. In addition to drummer Stephan Emig, the band is working with various double bass players, for their album of this year, “Hidden Beauty”, and their appearance at the JazzTube Festival Triosence has brought the Cuban Omar Rodriguez Calvo on board.
Schüler emphasises that Rodriguez Calvo has brought a new, exciting energy into the music of the trio, which clearly stands out in the album. Rather than reinterpreting jazz standards, Triosence focuses purely on original compositions without any reservations about a wide variety of styles: Pop, Swing, Brazilian sounds or Folk, just to name a few examples.
Triosence thrives on this openness and calls this distinctive style “songjazz.” In fact, the clear productions with various influences create an enormous accessibility, which in turn excites jazz connoisseurs as well as those who have previously had little to do with jazz. The Swingjournal Japan headlined Triosence as the band in 2005, “which has wiped away the impression of stiff German jazz.” Musically, the band is incredibly productive: Hidden Beauty is already their seventh album since 2002 and they have already toured through North and South America, East Asia, Europe and the Near East. An excellent close for the JazzTube Festival, which you should not miss!
Competition to win JazzTube Finale Tickets coming soon!!!

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