Dani Wilde’s Kenyan Charity Project

Dani Wilde (with Nora) in Kenya - c. Dani Wilde

On 31 January at the Harmonie you can hear great music and also contribute to a good cause.  The ‘Girls with Guitars’ are back with RUF’s  Blues Caravan and  Dani Wilde, is back after a new visit to Africa.  Here she writes about her fundraising project for children in the slums of Kenya, her work towards giving them a better education,  and how every cent can bring a smile to a young face.

(Text from the Dani Wilde Website)

“For the past six years, I’ve been working alongside a charity called ‘Moving Mountains to improve education for children living in the slums of Embu in Kenya.

I initially contacted Moving Mountains in 2007 with a proposal to use Musical performances in the UK as a fundraising tool to provide Music Education for slum children in Embu.

The dedicated staff  at Moving Mountains helped me to put my project plans into action. Every Autumn, I travel to the Embu to teach the children about music and to oversee my charity projects which have since included: restoring dilapidated classrooms, providing the school with reading and writing materials,  providing chairs, ressurecting a basketball court, delivering sports equipment, providing the school with musical instruments including recorders, a trumpet, guitars and percussion instruments. Also, each year we hold a ‘Fun-day’ at the school where we hire bouncy castles and get professional entertainers to perform for the children. The children then perform their own music and dance performances and are given a free drink and meal.

2010 was a very rewarding year for myself and the children at County Primary School. The School music group came 3rd in the finals of the National Kenya Music Festival Competition. This feat is unheard of for a slum school… They competed against private schools and boarding schools and really showed just what they’re capable of when given the opportunities that they deserve!

In 2010, Moving Mountians introduced me to another primary school in Embu’s slums called ‘Urban Primary’ who desperately needed some support. In November 2010 we made a start by refurbishing some of the schools classrooms but so much more work at the school needs to be done! The school literally looks as if a bomb has hit it; ceilings and walls are falling down, nearly all the windows are smashed, and floors have dangerous holes in. Sanitation also needs to be improved and so we’re keen to help the school to harvest rainwater for washing hands and flushing toilets etc. Urban Primary School also takes a large number of children with physical disabilities. May of the children are in wheelchairs, however because the pavements and floors are in such a bad state of disrepair, the children struggle to get around. They also need basic facilities such as reading and writing materials and of course I am keen to give the children the opportunity of music education. Having taught at the school I am excited by how much these children love to sing and perform. It’s heartbreaking to realise that these wonderful children live in dire poverty. Many are orphans, many are malnutritioned and a large percentage of them have HIV. Some of these Primary School kids are responsible for taking care of their parents who are also sick with HIV and AIDS.

Currently, I am supporting two schools in Embu: Urban Primary and County Primary. There are 1000 children at each school.

Over the next few years, I will work with Moving Mountains to give these children a good education, safety, opportunities, and a brighter future. But in order to achieve this I really do need your help!”

– Dani Wilde

For more details, go to the  DANI WILDE WEBSITE


Dani & Will Wilde with a class full of smiling faces in Embu

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