Laurence Jones – What’s it gonna be (RUF 1216)

LJ3It’s difficult to know if one can talk about the all- important third album when the musician in question is just 22 years old. Here it is though, the third offering from British Blues Boy Laurence Jones, the second on Europe’s coveted RUF record label and the first to be co-produced by Laurence himself with bass-man Roger Inniss. ‘What’s it gonna be?’ is the name and the question to start my review – good or bad?

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Cooper & Quo coming…


The last time I saw Alice Cooper was in 2006 at the legendary Museumsplatz here in Bonn (see picture).  Status Quo I saw last what seems a lifetime ago – at the Reading Festival in 1987 (oddly enough Cooper headlined the next day).  I and other Rockfans will get a chance to catch both acts this very year at the Kunst!Rasen.  Make a date for 25 June if you have a Rock n Roll heart!

Layla Zoe – Live at Spirit of 66 (Cable Car CCR0311-46)

LaylaZoeGreat singer, great venue, great musicians and great producer. What could possibly go wrong? In the event, nothing at all. The late and great Jeff Healey once said of Layla Zoe “She is wonderful” and since he died in 2008 she has had time to become even more wonderful – as this super CD recorded live in Belgium amply demonstrates.  ‘Live at Spirit of 66′ is Layla Zoe’s finest disc to date.

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Steve Crawford and Spider MacKenzie – Sheriffs at the Tin Star Saloon

Untitled-1Bonn Folk Club visitors will recognize the name Steve Crawford.  Fitting then that John Harrison write a report from Steve’s gig on Saturday at the new and intriguingly named ‘Tin Star Saloon’ (53508 Mayschoß)

A new venue and some new blues from Steve and his harp wielding colleague ‘Spider’ MacKenzie – saddle up, take a ride into town with John, and ask the bartender to russle up a good Riesling for the break…


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