Last stops on the 2015 JazzTube

Filippa Gojo (46 of 47)Things will be back to their (boringly) normal self again on Friday and Saturday evenings as this weekend saw the final JazzTube concerts of 2015.

I caught two of the last band’s on Friday and can only say once again – whoever doesn’t win is also a winner  and the biggest winners of all are the commuters of Bonn who get to hear such excellent music to lighten their travels.

Possibly the youngest drummer I’ve yet seen was pounding the snares with a confident ease when I arrived at the Main Station in Bonn on Friday.  Joshua Knauber was equally supported in competence and enthusiasm by Andreas Theobald whose Fender Rhodes was possibly older than the drummer – it certainly gave the trio a nostalgic tone completely at odds with it’s young practitioners.   Malte Viebahn made up the cool trio on bass and Persian carpet (with an additional tiffany lamp for ‘stage’ lighting).  All three made a good advert too for the Bonn Youth Jazz Orchestra where they met.

and on (typewriter?) Joshua Knauber...

and on (typewriter?) Joshua Knauber…

I have to own up that work restraints meant not being able to make it round all three acts on Friday and I’m sure Ducktape Ticket at Uni Markt were also very popular.  Judging by their band photo showing them sitting gamely with instruments sitting on stools in the middle of a lake they are clearly an imaginative troop.  Sorry I couldn’t make it for a listen and a photo.

All smiles - Filippa Gojo

All smiles – Filippa Gojo

My main interest I must admit was catching the set by Filippa Gojo Quartett  at Museumsmeile.  I still remember Filippa from JazzTube some years ago catching my ears with her voice and my eyes by wielding a hand held loudspeaker on regular occasions.  That of course will tell you that the lady sets great store by the colour of sound as much as by the lyrics she sings.  There is a lot of scat singing and moody brushing of cymbals in a Filippa Gojo set but that is really what sets her apart from much of the ‘regular’ jazz scene – a feeling that she is not just interested in pushing boundaries but actually succeeding.

Much of the material was taken from the current ‘Nahaufname’ disc – an excellent listen for anyone seeking an inventive jazz excursion.  I suspect that my favourite number ‘Confusao’ with it’s electric guitar style vocalising that almost gives Hendrix a run for his six string money was in an earlier set but I did still get to hear the glorious ‘Train of Thought’ and hear of encouraging things to come in the form of ‘My Water’ which is scheduled to be on the quartets next release due out next year.  It should be mentioned also that this level of improvisation needs some excellent backing musicians and Gojo has these to really create a wonderful sound blanket – a comfort blanket even for stressed out travellers on a Friday evening.

Filippa Gojo (24 of 47)

With just two more acts to entertain us on the Saturday this is going to once again be a tough one to VOTE  for but vote you should – Not least to show support for the JazzTube itself.  Curiously there were already votes appearing in surprisingly large numbers even in advance of performances being carried out.  Samba Jazz Clube currently has 1104 votes which would put Bonn main station on a par with Waterloo station in the rush-hour for passenger traffic.  It really isn’t about deciding on a winner though because we already know the winners – Bonn commuters and residents.

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Filippa Gojo (47 of 47)

Mr JazzTube – Thomas Kimmerle in interview


If you turn around at one of the Jazztube concerts on Bonn’s stations the chances are there will be a man wearing glasses and a concerned expression behind you.  Thomas Kimmerle is the man behind JazzTube itself in fact, and I managed to squeeze a few minutes out of his busy day to ask where the idea came from and naturally as soon as the topic was jazz – time and questions flew by…

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Butterflies and Fiddles at Alten Zoll

BTB (23 of 26)If you didn’t know that Break the Butterfly were from Scotland through their tartan guitar straps you would have discovered it half way through their set when  Cameron Barnes picked up a set of bagpipes and played Scotland the Brave.  Alten Zoll in Bonn was the band’s first ever show in Germany but on this performance will be the first of many.  Frankie Gavin and Colm O’Caoimh  played their set later on as if Bonn was not just a regular part of their touring lives, but as if it was their living room.  A magic evening indeed under the Deep blue sky for picnickers and music lovers alike.

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Maya FadeevaThis week’s Jazztube had a special performance to offer in the form of Maya Fadeeva at Bonn Main Station.  Maya was a winner of the competition in 2012 and showed again on Friday evening just why, with a varied set that went from the likes of Ray Charles classic  ‘Hallelujah I love him so’  through Nirvana’s ‘Lithium’ to the RnR classic ‘Route 66’ and own compositions too such as the cool ‘All I Need’.  Each number impeccably sung with her smoky Jazz voice of course.  If that wasn’t enough to get the votes coming in again for 2015 there was some super bluesy guitar courtesy of Martin Weiss for tired commuters to enjoy on their way home from the office.

AJK at the K!G

AJK1I’m starting to think there is maybe too much great music for free in the open air currently.  How else to explain an excellent combo like Alex Krienke’s AJK playing to an unjustly small crowd on a sunny Summer evening at the Kunst!Garten?

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