Chris Barber – The Ice Cream Man’s in Town


“I scream, you scream,
everybody wants ice cream!”

They were the words I got back when the name Chris Barber was mentioned to friends and colleagues.  There’s a whole lot more to Barber than that though, and John Harrison’s review of the Big Chris Barber Band at the Bad Godesberg Stadthalle  is by far the longest review on this site to date.  Even so, it barely scratches at the surface of Barber’s career or his importance to modern music.

A promoter of Early Blues greats like Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf.  A founder of London’s Marquee Club – THE place for every aspiring Pop/Rock star of the 60’s and 70’s to play (and where the likes of Jagger and Hendrix cut their teeth after hearing the band’s Barber ‘brought over’ to the UK).  Learning ground for legendary musicians like Lonnie Donegan and Ken Colyer.

“He changed my life, and probably yours too” is how Hugh Laurie describes Barber in an interview

Let John Harrison tell the Chris Barber story through his excellent review that follows.  Take a break mid-way for an ice cream if you want…

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Vote Baum!

HUR_0524-EditLocal Blues matadors Baum’s Bluesbenders are star guests at the Blues Club in Troisdorf on 16 January.

More details HERE

You can also help get the band in a future edition of German music mag ‘Blues News’ by clicking here…

…and choosing song 8 from the list.  Want to vote but not subscribe?  Just give as ‘Abo’ number your postcode instead.

Oh, and here is the song for your vote:

Exclusive Chris Barber Interview

Chris_BarberHis life reads like a who’s who of Blues:  Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Alexis Korner, Lonnie Donegan, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page are just some of the men that Chris Barber has helped on their individual ladders to stardom. in an exclusive 3songsbonn interview before his appearance at the Stadthalle in Bad Godesberg on Saturday (10 Jan) the legendary British Jazz pioneer told John Harrison about both the joys and the struggles as Blues and Jazz set off to conquer the UK and Europe for the first time in the 1950’s and 60’s.

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January in Bonn

anne_haigis_8407-EditA new year and already there is plenty of good music coming Bonn’s way for Jazz and Blues fans.

Anne Haigis (Harmonie 24 January) is just one of the musicians to help us forget the cold nights.  Check HERE for more music coming Bonn’s way in January.

Chris Barber in Bonn Saturday

Photo: Dennis Dekker

Photo: Dennis Dekker

British Jazz legends don’t come any greater than Chris Barber. Alongside building a reputation with his own band world-wide, Barber is a seminal figure in the Blues Scene, bringing the likes of Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee und Sister Rosetta Tharpe to British concert halls from the late 1950’s. Don’t miss the chance to see 84 Year old Chris at the Stadthalle in Bad Godesberg on Saturday (10.01.2015) Click Here for Details

A Whole Lotta Folk

DSC_2078The new Year at Haus Mullestümpe kicked off in fine style with Bonn Folk Club number 54 which is a number far in excess of the numbers present at Bonn Folk Club number 1.  I estimate that it will take another 6 years until the Club Meets will have caught up with the number of bottoms on seats at this latest offering though.  An increase in younger attendees was proof  trhat Cynthia Nickschas  is making a name for herself locally – and the fact that Bonn Folk Club has similarly made a name locally would account for the fact that every wall and corner that would fit a chair had one shoe-horned into place.

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2014 Lookback


My favourite shot of 2014 came pretty late in the year, November in fact, when I Caught Sam Fish and Mike Zito enjoying playing as much as we were enjoying hearing them do it.

There was lots to like about 2014. Some of it familiar, like the Kunst!Rasen shows and Jazztube livening up the Tube-stations. Other events were not so familiar to me, and my favourite new venue of 2014 was Alter Zoll. Steal a Taxi and Blümchenknicker were two of the free acts that had happy and smiling picnickers enjoying the music, the sunshine and the Rhine view.


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